Friday, January 18, 2019

LCEL Career Day

Thank you to all the men and women that donated their time to come out to Lake Carolina Lower Campus to tell students about their careers. We appreciate your time and wisdom. The students enjoyed the day! 

4K Application for 2019 School Year

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Lower Campus Service Learning Rewards

Mrs. Richardson's second grade class earned the pizza party and Ms. Bailey's first grade class earned the ice cream party from our winter canned goods collection. These students were treated to their rewards from the Blythewood High School Football players and Cheerleaders today. Thank you Blythewood High School!

Round 4 Lake Shake Finalist

Reagan Richardson, Cora Turner, Audra Petroff, Kiersten Gary

Round 4 of Lake Shake required the students to complete three tasks at Trader Joe's on Forest Drive. One task was to try to sell products to mystery shoppers. Another task was to create posters to advertise new products. The third task was a mock interview for employment. Each of the final twelve had to complete all of these tasks using their "people skills" and etiquette. 

The final round for the four finalist will have them traveling a few hours away for a full day of team building and problem solving events.

Congratulations to the final four students and will announce the Lake Shake 2019 winner next Tuesday, January 22. 

Please check the Lake Shake FaceBook site and pictures from Lake Shake 2019 are posted at

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Top 12 for Lake Shake-Round 3

The 21 students from Round 3 traveled to Beef 'O' Brady's on Hardscrabble Road for lunch. At each table, four to five students sat with one judge. The students were judged on the table manners and restaurant etiquette. Did the students chew with their mouth open? Did they wait to eat their food until everyone at the table had been served? Were they able to ask a waitress for a refill if needed? The students were also judged based on if they could converse with the judges and their peers as well as how they treated the restaurant staff.

Stay tuned....Round 4 is on Thursday for the top 12! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Lake Shake-Round 2

The top 30 Lake Shake Finalists from "The Gauntlet" Round yesterday were taken to The Final Door today to participate in an Escape Room Challenge. The fifth grade finalists were placed into random groups of 7 to 8 students and were provided with 30 minutes to escape from a Grinch-themed room. These students were assessed on their enthusiasm and engagement, their usage of critical thinking skills, collaboration with their teammates, social etiquette skills, and the WOW Factor. (What did they do to set themselves apart from the rest of their competitors, while still remaining a team player?) 

Please check on the Lake Shake FaceBook site for regular updates during the competition and pictures from Lake Shake 2019 are posted at

We are proud to announce after this round, the following 21 students will be participating in Round 3 of The Lake Shake tomorrow! 

Congratulations to: 

Kiersten Gary, Rhelani Richberg, Gabby Cadena, Shane Leigh Bagwell, Davia Witherspoon, Marley Phillips, Tessa Coker, Audra Petroff, Anoushka Bhaskar, Reagan Richardson, Sullivan Hilt, Sarah Turner, John Henry Collins, Raylen Thomas, Cora Turner, Talan Staley, Liana Viera, Abigail Osmanski, Logan Whitney, Azaria Farmer, Jack Liddell

Future Chefs Competition

We are thrilled to announce that Richland 2 will be participating in the Future Chefs National Challenge again this year! This year, we are accepting entries grade 3 through 5. The idea behind this event is to help educate the kids in HEALTHY EATING HABITS. Too often we hear about obesity in kids and kids not making the right choices in terms of their eating habits. That is why we want kids to submit recipes for their favorite Fiesta Fit - healthy Mexican food! Judging will be based on the following criteria:
 Originality  Kid Friendly  Ease of Preparation  Healthy Attributes  Plate Presentation  Taste