Friday, December 20, 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Communigator becoming a Blog

The Communigator for Lake Carolina Elementary is becoming a blog! This blog will have all the same information that has been in the weekly school newsletter but it will have additional features that we hope you will find convenient and helpful. 

Be sure to subscribe to The Communigator Blog in the bottom right section to get instant updates whenever there is news posted or bookmark the site to check for news: Adding the Blogger app to any device is also a great way to check for news.

Please share with others so we know that everyone is getting the news! Thank you!

Shopping Can Benefit LCE

1. Sign up for a Target REDcard (debit or credit card) the next time you shop at Target. It takes less than 3 minutes to set up at the register. Please link your new or existing card to Lake Carolina Elementary and the school earns 1% of every purchase you make. Please go to the Target 'Take Charge of Education' site and connect your card to Lake Carolina Elementary. This costs you nothing extra while the school benefits!

2. Shop online through the Box Tops Marketplace. Log in at and select Lake Carolina Elementary before you make an online purchase. Look for the retailer you want use to complete your shopping. The school earns eBox Tops for each purchase. This is free to you and free money for LCE!

3. Keep saving Box Tops and Tyson Labels to send into school. This is another easy way we earn free money for the school!