Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kelly Mill Students Visit LCE

Students in 7th grade INC. at Kelly Mill Middle School participated in a project called Guess Who is Coming to Kelly Mill. Each student chose a significant historical figure from their studies this year in Social Studies. They wrote and illustrated a children's storybook based on the person they chose from history. The students were selected by their peers to come and read their stories to several kindergarten classes at Lake Carolina Elementary.  

The students who were chosen to read their stories were:

Sophie Pirich, Maddie Clark, Anne Heiler, Kristian Trifinova, Chase Middleton, Kelsey Depositar, Ansley Rabon, Sadie Lofton, Sarah Baloga, Shawn Wallace, Abby Griffin, M'Chaelah Brown, Andrew Curfman, Emma Hall, Katie Murphy
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