Monday, February 22, 2016

Read with Gamecocks Recognitions

Anoushka Bhaskar in Mrs. Carroll's 2nd grade class and Tawana Chigoba, in Ms. Paige's class 4th grade class, were the overall winners in the state for Part 3 of Read with the Gamecocks at LCE. They were recognized at the game on Thursday, February 18th.

Additional grade level winners:
PreK/K: Cam Harling
1st: Whitney Moody
3rd Grade: Kailen Dasinger
5th Grade: Yahali Mack

Additional recognition goes to the classes with the most total pages read in each grade level:

Kdg: Mrs. Rholetter
1st Grade: Mrs. Richardson
2nd Grade: Mrs. Carroll
3rd Grade: Ms. Morrison
4th Grade: Ms. Paige
5th Grade: Ms. Earle

The classes with the most participation overall are Mrs. Carroll's 2nd grade class and Ms. Rataiczak's 3rd grade class.

Thank you for participating and reading!