Sunday, October 9, 2016

Boosterthon Sunday Challenge

Parents, we hope that you and your loved ones have weathered the storm safely and that your kids are rested and ready to come back to school. Despite the break, we are still moving forward with Boosterthon fundraiser as planned . We are confident that it will still be a huge success. If you recall from last year, the 1000 year flood impacted our Boosterthon Fundraiser, but in true Gator Family fashion, you all come through like champs & it was a great success despite the weather & timing. We imagine this year will be no different.

As we shared via the video and blog post from Double Dog Devin & Matt & Cheese on Friday, there was a weekend challenge for our students. Students can receive an additional reward if they got $2 per lap in pledges this weekend. If you haven't logged in your pledges yet, do so tonight for the extra prize. Also, if you haven't registered your student at it's not too late. Simply log in to and enter our school code of 189-497 or search our school by name at

Thank you for your Boosterthon support and your cooperation as our community helped our state weather this storm. We look forward to seeing your children tomorrow at LCE and hope to see you at the Fun Run on Wednesday, October 12.