Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Richland Two Cell Phone Policy

Dear Parents,

LCE Upper Campus students are allowed to have cell phones at school as long as they remain in book bags. We realize that it may be necessary for students walking or riding bikes to and from school to have a phone for safety reasons. However, the phones may not be used for any reason during the school day. Please see below for a summary of the district's school board policy JICJ regarding electronic communication devices.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Elementary school students may not use or display cellular phones, beepers and pagers while on school property during school hours. 

•   first offense - warning/confiscate device and return to student at the end of the school day
•   second offense - confiscate device/return to parent/legal guardian
•   third offense - confiscate device/return device to parent/legal guardian and privilege to have device is revoked for the remainder of the school year
•   fourth offense - confiscate device/return at the end of the school year