Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lower Campus Facility Dog Update

We are pleased to announce that Lake Carolina Lower Campus will be receiving its very own facility dog from PAALS, which will be kept in Susan Woodley’s class! There are many benefits to having a facility dog on our campus such as:

  • · Encourages children to come to school
  • · Promotes positive behavior (confidence & responsibility)
  • · Promotes reading
  • · Teaches social skills
  • · Teaches acceptance
In an effort to continue raising funds, we would like to celebrate your special pet(s) by displaying their pictures. You may bring in one picture for $3 or more than one picture for a $5 donation. Please write your student’s name and pet’s name on the back of each picture and turn into your child’s teacher. If you would like to honor a neighbor or family member’s pet, you can do this too! Paw prints or dog bones will be available for $2 each and will be used to display the pet’s name you would like to honor.

The class in each grade level with the most donations will receive a Popsicle party and extra recess time. We are looking forward to working together to make this a big success!

Send in pictures and donations until March 17.

For more information on our Facility Dog please visit:  https://www.paals.org/susan-woodley/

Here is a brief video of one of the PAALS dogs working in Mrs. Woodley's classroom.