Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mathletes in Math Olympiad Program

Students in the Mathletes Club from Lake Carolina Elementary Upper Campus were among the nearly 150,000 students worldwide to participate this year in the Math Olympiad Program.  They participated in a series of five monthly contests of 5 problems each, from November to March, and weekly practice sessions under the supervision and coaching of Ms. Patricia Earle, Ms. Kristen Smarr and Mr. Harry Meyers.  The coaches taught the children to solve unusual and difficult problems and to think creatively.

This year’s mathletes include: Anish Verma, Spencer Shealy, Noah Brown, William Van, Kate Kaczynski, Alexia George, Ellie Gatzke, Sadie-Ann Campbell, Harrison Knight, Savannah Jones, Rebekkah Howell.  Ten students will also receive an embroidered patch for scoring in the top 50% of all participants: Micah Tinnell, Jason Schutt, Adam Van, Yasmine White, Sanvi Divekar, Marc Hines, Annabelle Manville, Savannah Yoo, Sean Gibbons, and Micah Hicks.

Micah Tinnell received a trophy for scoring in the top 25% of all participants.

Each year the Math Olympiads serve over 100,000 students on over 5000 teams nationally and about 50,000 students on 1000 teams in more than 30 countries.  Since 1979, it has provided challenging, thought-provoking problems that stretch the abilities of students in grades 4 - 8, strengthening their foundation for both assessment tests and more advanced studies.  Our children have responded to the challenge with eagerness and enthusiasm. Congratulations Mathletes!