Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Each year The South Carolina Academy of Science (SCAS) and the faculty and staff at the University of South Carolina sponsor a mail-in contest for Middle and Elementary School Students. This contest is known as the Middle/Elementary School Academy of Science (MESAS) contest. The contest is for students in grades 4-6. A few students from LCE chose to participate and use their time outside of school to complete this. They were to answer math and science questions without the help of any adults, but they could do research to help them find an answer if they chose.

The four students from LCE who participated were: Vijay Gottipatty, Alyssa Graham, Steve Robinson, and Sarah-Jane Saville. Vijay Gottipatty was named the school winner, Steve Robinson was named a region winner and Alyssa Graham was named a state winner. Congratulations to all of these students. We are so proud of them for their hard work!