Sunday, September 21, 2014

School Social Worker

Dear Lake Carolina Family,

My name is Becky Inman and I am your School Social Worker. Many families 
in our district either don’t know about or avoid contact with the School Social 
Worker. I encourage you and your family to use me as a resource in your school 
and community.

A contact from the school social worker does not always mean trouble. I may 
be contacting you to offer services, follow up on a previous contact with school 
staff, or simply to introduce myself. Just some of the supportive services I provide 
include but are not limited to: Backpack Food Program, holiday assistance, 
applying for community resources, provide hygiene/personal items, help with 
obtaining clothes and shoes, monitor attendance, and assistance with navigating 
other school resources. In the next few weeks, I will be contacting some of the 
families in our school to introduce myself in efforts to increase awareness of 
Social Workers being an available resource in our schools. Please feel free to 
contact me if there is anything I can help your family with. I am here for our 
students, our families, and our community. 


Becky A. Inman, LMSW

Richland District Two School Social Worker
Kelly Mill Middle (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
803-691-7210 ext. 3030
Lake Carolina Elementary Lower Campus (Tuesday)
803-714-1300 ext. 3131
Lake Carolina Elementary Upper Campus (Thursday)
803-691-3360 ext. 37115