Friday, September 5, 2014

Upper Campus Update

Thank you for helping us establish a routine as a new school!  We have focused our energy on safety as we should and hopefully you have seen that we will continue to make this a priority.  In the days ahead, we will continue to get to know our students using a variety of resources.  All students will be MAP testing in Reading and Math over the next couple of weeks.  You child’s teacher will let you know the specific date soon.

We are excited to have Mrs. Taylor Wagner as a new member of our family.  She will be teaching 5th grade as we have experienced tremendous growth.  We are beyond our projected numbers school-wide and can only expect more growth for our community.  The Town Center at Lake Carolina has started leasing and will have new families moving in by end of the month. 

Families living in the Ashland Neighborhood have expressed concern regarding speeding vehicles and children being dropped off in dangerous locations.  Please be careful driving as we want our students safe and secure.

Our district has shared with us details from the Healthy Hunger-Free Act of 2010.  A district committee will soon be providing us with direction with regards to this policy.  Our district has asked us not to serve snacks during breakfast and lunch.  Our lower campus recently communicated that snacks brought to schools by families must be served during recess.  The upper campus wants to maintain consistency and follow this practice as well.  Of course, please keep in mind that we have students with food allergies and healthy snacks are always best. 

We have heard from several of you regarding email sent out from our Blackboard Connect System.  Please make sure our communications are not going to your spam.  We will need updated contact information, but you should be providing this when you complete Infosnap.  Thanks for keeping in touch.