Friday, September 30, 2016

Gator Salute to Book Fair Volunteers

A HUGE thank you to all of our fall book fair volunteers! The funds raised from the book fair are used to purchase things like Reading Counts t-shirts and more books for the school library.

Lower Campus:
Shelley Cadena, Tina Dia, Kelly Powell, Andi Gatzke, Syreeta Woods, Stephanie Uehling, Lindsey Bennett, Janiery Hensley, Cynthia Becker, Nashiba Boyd, Stacy Gilchrist, Susie Watts, Rachelle Panzer, Ginger Jones, Kristen Chaneyworth, Suzanne Wells, Kathleen Peterson, Lisa Chapman, Jennifer Rassmussen, Bria Igou, Lashanda Bundy, Anita Higgibs, Christa Cassidy, Michelle Moureau, Amanda Frisby, Rachel Langohr, Tiara Bomar and Ervina Smith.

Upper Campus:
Ginger Jones, Daphne Patch, Kaitlin Patch, Jen Rasmussen, Monica Rasso, Stuart Keiner, Liza Kibler, Karen Hewlett, Susie Watts, Dietra Troy, Amy Edwards, Jeannette Campbell, Rhonda Griffin, Sontil Roseborough, Madeleine Dobson, Kristen Strange, and Suzanne Wells.