Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Classroom Interruptions

Upper Campus Parents/Guardians,

It is critical that we maximize instructional moments with our students. Recently, we have noticed an increase in the disruptions of our classrooms. The two things that seem to be causing the biggest distractions are students leaving items at home and the constant changes in afternoon transportation. When parents drop off lunchboxes, coats or other items in the main office, it requires our office staff  to interrupt the classroom and then students miss instruction to go collect the forgotten items. We want to teach our students to be responsible for their learning as well as their materials, so please help us by encouraging your child to be prepared for school each day. Additionally, we are asking families to try very hard to not call during the day to change how their child goes home unless it is absolutely necessary. Last minute changes cause a strain on our staff as we are very careful to make sure each child gets home safely.  If you do need to make a change in transportation, please try to plan ahead and use your child’s agenda book to write a note to the teacher. 

Thank you for your support of our instructional time and dedication to student safety.