Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Bullying Prevention and Intervention

Upper Campus' Counselor Corner

Every class in our school recently completed a bullying prevention unit with the school counselor. The lessons focused on the definition of bullying, strategies for kids to use to prevent bullying situations, and how to stop conflicts from escalating into bigger problems.  All students should know that bullying is something unfair done to another person on purpose, over and over.  They should also understand that bullying situations are one-sided, not conflicts or disagreements between people. Students worked through the differences between rude, mean, and bullying behaviors.  Student surveys given after the unit showed that the vast majority of students understand these concepts and report that bullying is not an issue of concern at LCEU.  Our students acknowledge that kids here are not perfect and have mean moments at times, but overall, an overwhelming majority of students report that they feel safe at school and that their school year is going very well. 

If you or your child have any concerns about bullying or conflict resolution, please contact 
Mrs. Skinner, School Counselor at LCEU, at or 691-3360 ext. 37116.