Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Thanks to Book Fair Volunteers

Thanks to the volunteers that helped make the Book Fair a huge success! 
We appreciate your time to help our students and staff!
Laura Halstead, Jen Steck, Stacey Sherwood, Stephany Uehling, Shelley Cadena, Stacey Gilchrist, Elizabeth Adams, Isabelle Henderson, Liza Kibler, Kristen Chaneyworth, Jennifer Rassmussen, Charmaine Hood, Tiara Bomar, Suzanne Wells, Susie Watts, Daphne Patch, Kaitlin Patch, Catherine Shealy, Madeleine Dobson, Liz Adams, Liza Kibler, Ginger Jones, Monica Rasso, David Skrabec, Jeannette Dempsey, Andi Gatzke, Laura Halsted, and MaryKarl Boepple