Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Fundraising Update

With our students' hard work and your very generous contributions and efforts, LCE PTO raised more than $36,000 through Boosterthon this year. Those dollars were earmarked for general school improvements at both campuses, and we have decided to make the following purchases:
* $10,830 on leveled books for early readers for Lower Campus. This will provide our Kindergarten and First Grade teachers with a much-needed variety of books for their students.
* $14,818 on two sun shades for the back playground at Upper Campus. These UV-blocking shades will cover the existing playground equipment, which is often too hot for our students to play on.

We decided to reserve the balance of funds raised for future needs of our two campuses. Look for these new items on both campuses in the fall. Thank you for supporting our school with such enthusiasm!