Friday, May 27, 2016

Upper Campus Reading Counts Recognitions

The top 5 students in Reading Counts at Upper Campus for each grade level were recognized for their achievement. The overall winner for the school was 4th grader, Lindsey Daugherty, with 1,278 points.  The top class in the school was Mrs. Morrison's 3rd grade class with 7,005 points.

Congratulations and keep reading!

3rd Grade
1st place: Sophia Min
2nd place: Kailen Dasinger
3rd place: James Derrick
4th place: Sarah Chaneyworth
5th place: George Strange

4th Grade
1st place: Lindsey Daugherty
2nd place: Savannah Jones
3rd place: Alexander Conway
4th place: Yasmine White
5th place: Alexia George

5th Grade
1st place: Tristan Atkinson
2nd place: Faith Gilliam
3rd place: Tyler Paull
4th place: Jared Kline
5th place: Tarun Ramkumar